Yak-C is a kayak cleaner and UV protectant distributor. The products are manufactured by Mello Enterprises, a licensed chemical manufacturer and distributor, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Since 1990 Mello Enterprises has established itself as one of New England's premier manufacturer and distributor of automotive cleaning and restoration products. 


In 2018, Mello Enterprises and Kayak Tournament angler John DiCenzo began to develop and test chemical products for the cleaning, protection, and restoration of plastic kayaks and crawdad style plastic boats. The result is a unique group of cleaning and restoration products developed specifically for use on plastic kayaks, and more importantly, products designed for ease of use by kayak tournament anglers. Check out the tab above to learn more about Yak-C, The Power of Clean!

In addition, Yak-C will launch a unique Pro Staff program in January 2021. The program is designed exclusively for state, regional, and national kayak tournament angler's seeking to monetize his or hers tournament experience and provides cash and tournament sponsorship payouts. Check back soon for detailed information and how to sign up.

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