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Now in our 3rd season, we are pleased to announce a new sponsor and a new format for the big bass challenge event.


In 2019 and 2020, our focus was 11 states within the New England-Northeast Region. After two full seasons and over 200 entrants,  two things became clear:


1.  a large majority of anglers registering for our event were existing KBF members


2.  we recieved dozens of inquiries from anglers outside the region  interested in participating in the event.


After analyzing our past two seasons angler entry data and obtaining feedback from potential new anglers we decided to make some changes for 2021. 

First and foremost is the new sponsor pledge from Yak-C. (Yak Clean).


Yak-C is a kayak cleaner and UV protectant distributor located in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  The company was launched under the guidance of Mello Enterprises, a licensed chemical manufacturer and distributor, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Johnston, Rhode Island.

For the past 30 years Mello Enterprises established themselves as one of the regions premier manufacturer's and distributor's of automotive cleaning and restoration products.  In 2018, Mello Enterprises and Kayak Tournament angler John DiCenzo began to develop and test chemical products for the cleaning, protection, and restoration of plastic kayaks and crawdad style plastic boats. The result is a unique group of cleaning and restoration products developed specifically for use on plastic kayaks, and more importantly, products designed for ease of use by kayak tournament anglers. Check out the tab above to learn more about Yak-C, The Power of Clean!

The sponsor pledge from Yak-C provides free product samples and giveaways and a guaranteed 1000.00 cash prize added to the championship purse for 2021!


In addition, Yak-C has implemented a unique Pro Staff program. The program is designed exclusively for the kayak tournament angler to monetize his or hers tournament experience and provides cash and tournament sponsorship payouts. Check out the tab above to learn more about Yak-C, The Power of Clean!

The Yak C Big Bass Challenge is a CPR  (catch photo release) tournament starting with a qualifying period beginning March 1, 2021 12:00 am and ending July 31, 2021 11:59 pm.

The top 2 anglers from each state with the largest cumulative length of his/her top 5 large or small mouth bass upon the conclusion of the qualifying period receive an invitation to participate in the Yak-C Big Bass Challenge Championship on October 12, 2021 at Sherveport, LA.


In addition, "Wild Card" qualifiers will consist of 25 anglers from the remainder of registered anglers, regardless of state representation, with the largest cumulative length of his/her top 5 large or small mouth bass upon the conclusion of the qualifying period. If a state has no registered anglers, the award will roll down to the wild card position. 


The winner of the previous years Big Bass Challenge Championship recieves an automatic free invite to defend his/her title without having to pay an entry fee or rank during the qualifying period!


Double Down Second Chance Winner! In appreciation of your committment and loyalty to our event, all second and successive year entrants are entered into a darwing by BBC officials for a second chance entry into the BBC Championship.  It's our way of saying thank you for your suppot.


We have also partnered with KBF-Kayak Bass Fishing, to offer top ranked KBF members participating in the Yak C Big Bass Challenge Championship, 2022 KBF National Championship qualifications .


Now in our third season, the annual event has paid out a total of 4200.00 cash, and 1000.00 in sponsor prizes! 2019 and 2020 Big bass Challenge Champions each won over 1000.00 each!


Registration for the tournament is on Tourney X.  Register for your state starting January 1, 2021


The Entry fee is 50.00. There is no registration fee for qualifiers to the championship event. 


By registering and paying the entry fee on Tourney X, registrants acknowledge that said registration documentation, receipt, and/or electronic filing serves as proof that registrant has read and accepts the conditions of the  tournament rules. Click on the Tourney X link below to register for a free Tourney X account . 

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